Thursday, January 14, 2016

Picture of the Week - 1/14/2016

There's something about cold weather that makes me want to cuddle.  I know I'm not alone here, right?

When I work from home, my "office" is in our bedroom.  This means, obviously, that there's a bed (which is rarely made...  so if you are one of those "make the bed every day" people, look away) right behind me.  Sometimes that comfy bed is a pretty big temptation for me.  It is ALWAYS a big temptation for the animals.  One of my favorite things about working from home - aside from the obviously lovely commute - is that I get visited by my pets randomly throughout the day.  No better stress relief than that!  Here's a picture of Rooster enjoying the quiet house and a nice snooze. 

Do you guys remember how Zane used to sleep when we first moved him to a toddler bed?  Remember how he used to sleep UNDER the bed every night.  And he built that wall of stuffed animals to close him in under there - every night.  I never stressed about that - although it WAS a bit disconcerting and a lot weird - because he slept really well under there and he clearly felt safe.  Well now he's sleeping up on the top bunk in his room with Beckett.  And he sleeps up there with a MILLION stuffed friends.  Not much of an exaggeration...  He burrows under those friends and blankets and other soft comforts every night.  And I'm fairly positive after he gets his bedtime hugs and kisses he covers himself completely with his friends.  It's weird.  And it's super endearing.  And I will miss that mountain of stuffed friends when he finally outgrows this...  Because it's adorable!

So off you go.  Go find someone to hug and get a good cold-weather cuddle in.  If you don't have anyone to hug, grab your favorite blanket (or a giant pile of stuffed friends) and make yourself comfortable.  It's the perfect weather for it!

PS - One more trip this week to the frigid north.  I have to head up to Grand Rapids, MI to deliver a speech at a HFMA conference.  After being up in MI this week, I have no idea how people live up there.  I'm pretty sure my feet were frozen solid for 2 straight days.  Somehow after 18 years in Georgia, I have lost all my Ohio hardiness and have turned into a weather wuss!

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