Thursday, January 21, 2016

Picture of the Week - 1/21/2016

Today is one of those days where if I didn't have this POTW to write, I wouldn't bother with the camera.  The only pictures I've taken all week involve quilts.  So thank you!  Thanks for giving me the responsibility to stop and document a little piece of life in January 2016.  Here's a quick shot of the little boys with Ozzie.  Love them!

This has been another long week for us.  Odd how the calm and quiet of the holiday weeks seem SO very far away!  Highlights of the week - some of which are questionably labeled as "high"lights.

- I got my first root canal.  Um...  not fun...  but better than the "angry" nerve that's been bothering me for weeks.  I had no idea this was such an involved process.  I have to go back for the crown in a couple of weeks and hoping I don't have any issues between now and then.

- I finished a quilt I've been working on for more than 18 months.  Feeling pretty awesome about that.

- The boys had their first weather-related school dismissal of the year.  I feel there will be more coming.

- I finished my 3rd business trip in 3 weeks.  Too much travel.  It wears me down...  The welcome home from the boys is always a welcome sign. 

- We went to our first professional lacrosse game and it was really fun!  I was surprised how few people were there - which made for a very easy event.  No lines, no traffic.  Just a good time.  We'll be back.

This weekend we have a basketball game (if it doesn't get snowed out) and a wrestling tournament.  Pretty tame as far as weekends go.  I'll be home for the next couple of weeks too, which is a relief! 

Have a great week everyone!  And thanks again for forcing me to pick up a camera.  Those little boys of mine will never look exactly the same as they do tonight.  And it's a rare treat to share a picture of Oz.  LOL

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