Thursday, April 30, 2015

Picture of the Week - 4/30/2015

Sure wish I had something enlightening to tell you all this week!  But I sure don't.

We are plodding through a busy week.  We have a lacrosse game tonight (Spencer), tomorrow night (Quinn), between 2 and 5 games on Saturday (Quinn) in 2 different locations (holy tournaments) and 4 games in 3 places on Sunday (Quinn x 2, Spencer and ZANE!!!)  Thank goodness the weather is going to be beautiful!  I couldn't deal with that schedule in the rain.  (That's 8-11 games in 4 days in case anyone's counting.  If you are interested in doing my laundry or grocery shopping, I will not argue!)

I am ridiculously excited to watch Zane play a game.  He was so funny after his coach told the boys last weekend that they would be playing a scrimmage.  (Remember, he's doing little shooters and that's mostly just skills practice for the littlest beginners.)  He talked about his game non-stop after the practice.  At first he talked about being scared.  And then he was like, "No...  not scared.  I'm just... frustrated."  It took a little work on our part, but we figured out that he's just nervous, but doesn't know what nervous feels like.  So sweet!  I'm sure it will be a hilariously, funny train wreck of a game.  Can't wait!

Spencer's football tryouts are going well.  Every time I pick him up I'm a little more comfortable that he'll make the team.  He's just so much bigger than 90% of the other boys.  It's fascinating to me to see him with his peers.  I never in a million years would have dreamed that my kid would be one of the "big ones".  One of Bob's friends went to the practice the other day and sent Bob a text saying "Bovy's crushing it."  When Bob asked what he meant, he replied that all the kids (about 90 of them) look pretty much the same, except the "big ones".  (Steve actually shared that it took him about 25 minutes to find his son in the group...)  The "big ones" tend to catch your eye, so you find yourself watching them more often.  And apparently Spencer is more than holding his own.  SO that's exciting!  They have been practicing in "shells" - helmets and shoulder pads only - through today.  Tomorrow they do full pads and start hitting each other.  When I told Spence that the hitting was coming on Friday, he lit up like it was Christmas Eve.  That child LOVES football!

I started a new quilt pattern last night.  It's called the gypsy wife.  Google it if you are interested.  It's TOTALLY not me, so it should be a good challenge.  One of the groups in my quilt guild is doing this pattern as a Quilt-a-Long.  And I do love a good QAL.  The idea behind this quilt is that it's supposed to be very scrappy.  So it's a good way to use up some fabric stash.  It should be fun - and a good way to practice some different techniques.

Tomorrow is May 1st.  Crazy!  This year is flying by so fast!  Only 21 days until we leave on vacation.  We can make it!!  Have a great May Day!

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