Thursday, April 2, 2015

Picture of the Week - 4/2/2015

Man, Spring feels good this year!  Even with the crazy high pollen levels and burny eyes...

We were out at the park last night during Quinn's lacrosse practice and the little guys were in a rare, hamming it up mood.  I had a blast with them!

We took a walk and Beck let me hold his hand nearly the whole time while Zane ran ahead.  We giggled and laughed and had a grand time!  Those boys are exhausting, but SO much fun!

And yes...  as you can see in their Table Dancing picture, they were barefoot most of the visit.  They were happy and we weren't bothering anyone, so why not!

This weekend we have some super fun stuff planned.  We'll be holding the traditional yearly egg hunt at our house for the first time.  (Sure hope Ozzie doesn't eat all the eggs...) and then celebrating with lunch and bunny cake decorating.

Then we are off to Medieval Times for a little jousting fun with Berber, Pappy and my sister's kids Ella and Cooper.  I do love going out with the 6 kids without my sister...  the kids' ages make everyone assume all the kids are ours and the looks we get are priceless!

We aren't traveling anywhere for Spring Break, which is a bummer.  I get super jealous this time of year watching all the fun trips everyone gets to take from afar.  If you are one of these lucky Spring Break travelers, have a great time - and know I'm green with PTO-poor envy!

Next week SHOULD have been a little calmer than usual, but I've heard some disturbing rumors about multiple days worth of lacrosse practice (in a row) because apparently the coaches are also stuck home for Spring Break and looking for ways to share their pain.

Have a very Happy, Blessed Easter!

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