Thursday, January 30, 2014

Picture of the Week - 1/30/2014

So...  how's the weather where you are?
For anyone who might have missed the 8 billion facebook posts AND the national news, Atlanta got some snow this week.  And the results, as expected, were pretty crazy!  Around 12:30 or so on Tuesday every school bus, soccer mom, working adult, government employee, and semi truck hit the streets of Atlanta, which are congested on a good day.  At exactly the same time a winter storm started dropping 2-4 inches of snow on the area which happened to be about 50 miles north of what was predicted.  The results...  total gridlock on every street in the entire metro area.  Some of the stories I've heard are crazy!  It took me over 4 hours to get home (a normally 35 minute drive in traffic), and I consider myself very very lucky.  Some of my coworkers were out through Tuesday night and into Wednesday morning. 
This is probably hard for all my northern friends and family to even believe.  Believe it!  And this time around I can't even blame our lack of snow clearing equipment.  The very infrastructure meant to maintain traffic and transportation in this big city failed.  And the terrain also played a very big part.  Atlanta is more hilly than you might expect and a little bit of ice on an incline meant to be used by a bunch of people without snow tires or chains or much experience driving in snow lead to many many issues.  There just weren't enough roads to get every single Atlantan home at exactly the same time.  Good times...
Speaking of good times...  the boys have had a BLAST on their snow days.  They were all sent home early on Tuesday, were home yesterday and again today.  I think they will go back tomorrow - at least the little boys will go back for sure.  They have thoroughly enjoyed playing in the snow.  It's a rare treat down here and we've sent them outside as much as possible.  It's supposed to get to almost 40 today and will be over 60 by the weekend, so this is a short-lived opportunity.
I had planned to send out Quinn's Happy 10th Birthday collage this week, but the snow pictures were an unexpected diversion.  Quinn's birthday is this Sunday.  Hard to believe that he's going to be 10!  More on that next week. 
In the meantime, I'm sure you are all hoping for some good news from the groundhog this weekend!  Now that we've gotten some snow time and lacrosse starts next week (yes...  next week), we are really hoping for SPRING now!
Have a great week everyone - and stay warm!

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