Thursday, January 23, 2014

Picture of the Week - 1/23/2014

Everyone staying warm?  I know it's worse in other places, but it's SOOOOO cold down here.  I hate it!  Come on spring!
One bright point to all the cold weather is that we've been hunkered down in the house much more than normal.  This has lead to homemade soups and trying new recipes.  It means cuddling up on the couch with a blanket.  We have had lots of extra hugs and hang out time with the boys.  It could be worse... 
Maybe it's because we've spent so much more time together lately that we've noticed some big changes in our littlest boy.  Or maybe we would have noticed these things anyway and the extra downtime is just a bonus to get to enjoy them.  The short story is that Beck is quickly transitioning out of the toddler days and flinging himself with abandon into the preschool phase. 
It seems like overnight his vocabulary has exploded.  He has, like the other boys, was an early talker.  He's been able to communicate effectively with us for a long time, but now he's stringing together 6-7-8...12 words at a time.  He's moving away from the typical toddler speech which leaves out all the superfluous words and adopting more "grown up" speech patterns.  It's a fun phase!
He's also using his imagination more and more.  I have to credit Zane with this little skill.  Zane has always done more imaginative play than the big boys did.  He will happily sit with a couple of super heroes and a car and play for long periods of time.  He has a very vivid imagination and it seems his creativity is rubbing off on Beckett.  This is both good and bad.  It is pretty darn awesome to sit and listen to the little boys playing together and making up elaborate storylines about whatever strikes their fancy.  But the imagination can also run wild in scary ways.  Beck is pretty afraid of "monkers" right now - especially that one that he's convinced lives in his closet.  He's had a couple of episodes where his fear is practically tangible...  it's pretty heartbreaking!
One thing that continues to surprise me is the sturdy nature of this little dude.  He's kind of built like a little tank.  He throws himself at anything and everything.  He loves (maybe more than anything in the world) rough housing with his brothers.  How lucky is he to have such ready and willing playmates all the time???  I figure it's only a matter of time before he gets too rough for at least one or two of his big brothers.
Here's a picture of Beck dressed up as either a super hero or a villain...  never can be too sure!
Also - a quick PSA - if you happen to have a nearly 10 year old who happens to have an assignment to write a paragraph explaining a common household item, you might want to ask what item he needs to describe before suggesting he look it up on Google - because you never know when the common household item needing Google research is going to be "screw".  You are welcome...
Sending out some special prayers for a speedy recovery to a good family friend having some surgery today.  Hope you are back up on your feet in no time!
Until next week...  everyone think warm thoughts!

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