Thursday, January 9, 2014

Picture of the Week - 1/9/2014

I was looking through old pictures the other day and discovered something that has been bugging me ever since.  (Aside - looking through old pictures is SO much fun!  It brings back such great memories and reminds me how fast the boys change.)  The thing I discovered is that I don't have any pictures of the little boys sleeping.  In fact, I probably have as many pictures of Spencer sleeping as all the rest of the boys put together.  I guess somewhere along the line I decided the risk of an accidental wake-up outweighed the benefit of a photo of a slumbering child. 
Looking at those sleeping Spencer pictures was a good motivation to try to get some sleeping Zane and Beckett shots.  He was so peaceful and adorable in all those pictures!  Goodness...  how is it possible that he's a giant BOY now.  I decided to get some sleeping pictures ASAP.
It's also good timing because we moved Zane out of the toddler bed and into a twin size "big boy" bed over the holidays.  He was quickly outgrowing the toddler bed, but what pushed us over the edge was all the friends.  He insists on sleeping with ALL his friends on his bed every night.  And with the addition of a big dragon and a big Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, there wasn't much room left for Z.  Another aside - Zane LOVES the TMNT.  We have no idea why...  he hates the shows and refuses to watch them on TV.  But he plays with the toys religiously and that giant TMNT that he got from Berber and Pappy from Christmas has become a quick favorite.  I chalk the weird TMNT fascination up to another Zane personality quirk that we will laugh about someday.  (Also notice the TMNT sheets...  yeah, he won't sleep in there without those...)  In addition to the giant TMNT, Zane's favorite bedtime friends are "My bear", Tigger, and Mike from Monsters Inc.  He always has them within arms reach.
Beckett hasn't really become attached to any friends yet.  He does like to have stuff in his crib with him, but he's not picky just yet.  Probably the two that get the most action are the brown bunny from Easter last year and this super cheap fair prize we call Cheesy - because he's an orange gorilla.  The one thing that Beck IS very particular about is his blankets.  He loves crocheted blankets.  His favorites are the ones that have a relatively wide weave so he can stick his fingers, and toes, through the holes.  He makes us cover him up with one of his favorite blankets every night on his way to dreamland.
So last night (nothing like POTW procrastination), I crept into the little boys rooms one at a time.  I'm very much out of practice on slinking around and taking pictures in the dark!  I was terrified that my footsteps would wake them.  I was terrified that the clicking of the camera would wake them.  I was terrified that the red flashing battery light would win out and I'd run out of flash power before I finished.  I was terrified that the flashes would wake them.  It was a wee bit stressful.
And the results...  kinda suck.  Turns out that both of the boys were facing the wrong way.  So no angelic photos of relaxed, sleeping boys...  only messy heads of hair.  Oh well...  I'll try again soon!  Bright side - no one woke up!
Have a great weekend everyone!  Pretty sure it's going to rain here again this weekend, which is (not even exaggerating) the 6th weekend in a row with rain.  No idea what we're going to do without college football to keep us busy!


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