Thursday, February 6, 2014

Picture of the Week - 2/6/2014

Quinn turned 10 on Sunday.  My Quinn Quinn is TEN!  Wow, right?!?
It is so true that time heals all wounds and it's (honestly) been years since I've sat and dwelled on Quinn's early days.  It's healthy, however, to stop and remember them around special milestones.  Quinn's journey (and ours along with him) puts just about everything in perspective.  I am thankful for everything we went through with him.  Every painful memory and tiny triumph.  I am, simply, thankful for Quinn!
I'm pretty sure I have written before about the fact that Quinn baffles me regularly.  He doesn't behave in ways that I can understand.  He's definitely Bob's child from a personality perspective, which is fair since his older brother is basically me in an 11 year old boy body.  I think the fact that Quinn is so different is what contributes to my complete and utter inability to get angry at him.  I try!  But I fail every time.  As frustrated as I can get with him, he always has something funny to say or strikes some ridiculously hilarious pose and my anger flees.  (Kinda like his father...)  If Q can't make you laugh, you should consider medication because there's something wrong!
One of the things that I really noticed about Quinn this year was his need to help people.  I don't think he's necessarily doing it to win brownie points or because it's what might be expected of him.  I think there's a big part of Q's heart that needs to feel helpful and useful.  He delights in an opportunity to do something for someone else - anything.  He regularly brings me glasses of water in the evenings (even when I don't really need a drink).  He will be the first one to try to help a little boy into a coat or carry a package into the house.  He's so kind hearted - and gentle.  I hope that never goes away! 
This year Q tackled another year of lacrosse (both spring and fall) and threw in some basketball for good measure.  Watching him play sports is really fun.  He tries hard, he listens to his coaches, and he never, EVER, takes things too seriously.  His favorite thing about playing on a team is probably hanging out with his teammates after a practice and just goofing around.  Getting to experience Quinn on a basketball court has been such a pleasure.  Not because the team is good - because they *really* aren't - but because he's a little leader out there.  He has zero experience, but he's putting in the effort and showing a level of focus and confidence that have been as surprising as they are delightful.  I can't wait to see what he does on the lacrosse field this spring with some confidence behind him!
Quinn is still a little dude, but he makes him for his lack of size with the heart of a lion and a personality that fills every room he enters.  I hope I can always give him just enough freedom to be able to share himself with as many people as possible - while also making sure his feet stay somewhat firmly rooted to the ground.  I want him to follow his own beat and be happy with everything he takes on!  I wish him another year of laughs and smiles and chocolate.  I wish him the happiest of birthdays!

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