Thursday, February 13, 2014

Picture of the Week - 2/13/2014

Well...  you don't see that every day!
As you are all (probably) aware, Atlanta is snowed in.  Again.  We have only had a couple of decent snows since we moved down here in 1998.  Two in one year...  one MONTH - kind of unthinkable!  And yet, here we are!
The boys (all of them) have been home since Tuesday.  We haven't left the house since about 6 on Monday evening.  To say we're a little stir crazy is a bit of an understatement. 
I've really enjoyed some extra time with the boys.  The cuddles alone are worth the extra stress of trying to work and entertain and feed and take care of, but I have learned something pretty valuable over the last couple of weeks.  We are MUCH more effective when highly scheduled (aka busy) and following a plan (aka in a routine).  The school bus provides valuable motivation to get everyone dressed every day.  Evening activities provide a necessary reason to get everyone fed a pre-planned meal.  Having to cram all the "stuff" into a week shortened by 40+ hours out of the house working provides a backdrop that just doesn't tolerate being lazy. 
I'm hoping we can get back into some kind of NORMAL tomorrow, but in reality we won't really be able to get back into a groove until after Bob and I get back from our CRUISE!  Have I mentioned that we're going on the Buckeye Cruise for Cancer again this year?  We leave next Wednesday.  After a good week of togetherness even the 7 hour car ride is looking pretty attractive.  Not to mention the sun and flip flops and a cold beverage or two.  And if you are willing - send up a little prayer that my awesome parents get through their time with the boys with smiles on their faces!  I'm not sure if I'll get a potw out next week or not.  I'm not convinced I'm even taking a computer on the trip!  :)  If you don't hear from me, assume we are having a fantabulous time with around 2400 of our closest Buckeye friends - including the BIGS!  :)
Here are some pictures from this morning.  Not something you see every day down here in "hot"lanta.


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