Thursday, August 29, 2013

Picture of the Week - 8/29/2013

I'm feeling a little brain dead today!  Just finished a couple of days of sales meetings - including presentations and the need to drive inside the perimeter - gasp!  I'm tired! 
What a FINE time for a long weekend!  (Funny how life works out that way, isn't it?)
Last night I took Zane with me to Quinn's lacrosse practice.  I decided to take my camera.  My intention had been to get some pictures of Quinn playing, but we were on a weird field and there wasn't a good place to stand and we couldn't really see very well and there just happened to be 2 other boys wearing nearly the identical grey & orange shorts and ...  excuses.  I only took one picture of Quinn.  And it was pretty bad.  BOO! 
I figured that while I had Z to myself, I should try to get a few new pictures of him.  Partly because I felt the need to use the camera hanging off my shoulder and partly because I love the way his eyes look in the shirt he happened to be wearing.  (Aside...  without this weekly email, I never would have even grabbed the camera.  Pressure to have something to share every week is sometimes a good thing!  So thanks for reading!)  The results are some of my favorite recent pictures of Zane.  I don't know what it is about his eyes...  maybe it's because I'm used to looking into my own brown eyes and the brown eyes of nearly everyone else around me.  I'm fascinated by blue eyes in general - and by Zane's special blue-grey version in particular!  (BTW - the picture on the right is from right when we arrived.  The others are after running around and sweating!  That boy sweats a TON - just like his biggest brother!)
Have a happy and restful Labor Day weekend!  We actually have a quiet few days.  We're planning on some yard work, some college football, some beer, and some fun times with the boys!

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