Thursday, August 8, 2013

Picture of the Week - 8/8/2013

Today is Back to School Day!
I kind of love this time of year.  As much as I love the switch to Summer and the relaxed schedule that we enjoy without school and sports, I really do love the fall.  I like the structure.  I love the idea of a fresh start and new beginnings.  I love watching the boys play their sports.  And I love hearing all about the new stuff they are doing in their classrooms.
I think this is going to be a really excellent year!
All of the boys are now in new rooms with new teachers and new schedules.  How fun!
B was moved to the "Get Set" room on Monday.  For the little guys, this isn't a huge change, but there are some small things that he's had to get used to.  He doesn't get a paci at school anymore.  He doesn't get a sippy cup either.  Can you imagine a room full of nearly 2 year olds drinking from real cups???  The teachers are saints!  He got to move up with lots of his little friends, so I'm sure that's very comforting.  But he's got 2 new teachers and LOTS more structure.  They will start working on potty training in this room too.  Sigh...  my baby's not really a baby anymore. 
I'm so proud of our little blonde boy!  I may have mentioned this before, but he is kind of skipping preschool.  They did a bunch of evals last spring and asked us if we would be OK with him moving to a pre-K room this year.  He's technically too young since he misses the cutoff date by a little under a month.  Of course we said we were fine with that!  So he's learning to write and doing all of those Kindergarten prep things.  (He won't be able to start Kindergarten next year because of his birthday unless we leave him at Goddard for private pre-K.  We'll have to figure that one out... he'll end up with either 2 years of pre-K or 2 years of K.)  His teacher from the summer and a number of his friends all moved to this new room at the same time.  He really loves Ms. Kathy.  He's quickly getting to one of my very favorite stages.  So long "terrible 3's" - we will not miss you!
The Mighty is in 4th grade this year.  I think this is going to be a fantastic year for him.  Personally, I think 4th grade is easier than 3rd - and he did great last year.  He has 2 teachers this year and we know both of them.  Spencer had Miss Hall last year and he had Mrs. Martin for 2nd grade.  I love both of these teachers - especially Mrs. Martin.  She ran into us at open house and vividly described a writing assignment that Spencer did almost 3 years ago.  LOVE her!  Q was over the moon when he learned that several of his good friends from last year are in his class again this year.  (When you go to a school with 6 or 7 classes in each grade, that is never a given!)  He's been giddy with excitement since open house and literally leapt out of bed this morning!
S is "King of the School" this year - aka A Big Bad 5th grader.  He's pretended to be depressed about the end of summer and has said he's not ready to go back to school, but I think he's just saying that to be "cool".  He has 4 different teachers this year, which is pretty good practice for middle school.  His homeroom teacher, Mrs. Stanley, was Quinn's 1st grade teacher.  His Horizons teacher is the same as last year (and the kids will be the same in there too).  And this year the school has started a couple of advanced content classes that he was chosen for as well.  He will have a new teacher for his AC math/science and his all time favorite teacher, Miss Grindle, for AC Language Arts.  When he learned that she was the ELAC teacher he was giddy!  I expect he's going to really love 5th grade!
Here's the traditional back to school picture that everyone takes.  Spencer hates it...  he looks like a doofus every year.  (Which I will really enjoy when putting together a collage for his high school graduation...)  My favorite part of this year's picture is Ozzie in the background.  LOL  That dog is a riot!
Have a great back to school everyone!  For our friends up north, enjoy your last bits of summer! 
BTW - I don't want this to go on forever, but for anyone who doesn't see my Facebook posts, Spencer's football team made it to the championship game in the tournament last weekend.  They were better than anyone expected!  The defense gave up 0 points in the first 3 games - and well under 10 first downs over all 3 games.  The championship game was lost 0-8 due to one bad play.  Spence is the starting right tackle on the D line.  He's thrilled with the position!  He's always loved playing defense!  Quinn's LAX evals are this weekend, so we'll be getting back into the dual practice schedule very soon!  This weekend we also have a football scrimmage down in McDonough.  (McDonough also happens to have an AWESOME quilt store...  may just need to make a detour...)

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