Thursday, August 15, 2013

Picture of the Week - 8/15/2013

How did another Thursday get here so fast?  And how in the world is it possibly the middle of August.  Time...  it does fly!
I don't really have much to write about today.  Things with all the boys are all pretty much status quo. One new thing for the week is lacrosse.  Quinn had his evals last night and we're so excited for the season to start.  There are 2 teams of U11 boys this fall and we've finally been around the program long enough to know all the coaches.  Honestly either team would be awesome.  One team is coached by the Program Director for the boys lax program and the other was one of Spencer's (awesome) coaches from the spring.  It's a rare little league win/win situation!
I saw a lovely picture on Facebook of a good friend of mine with her son celebrating back to school this past week.  (Hi Steph!)  I was kind of shocked to see how big her son, who is 1 day younger than Spencer, looked while standing next to his mom.  When you don't see someone for a long time it's easy to lose track - and perspective.  It dawned on me that it's probably likely that the same thing has happened with me and my very own big boy.  I hardly ever get in front of the camera, but I wanted to get a picture of me with Spencer.  Here we are...  and yes...  he will absolutely be bigger than me in the very near future.  He gets the biggest kick out of that.  Where did the last *nearly* 11 years go!!!
Have a great week everyone!  We'll be celebrating another RAINY Saturday, my nephew Cooper's birthday, and our last football scrimmage before the season starts.  Make it a good one!

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