Thursday, September 5, 2013

Picture of the Week - 9/5/2013

Two pictures for you this week - and not very many words. 
Bob and I are still in the recovery period from head colds that wrecked our long weekend.  Sad...  I had hopes for 3 days with no plans...  alas, most of the weekend was spent trying to survive the boys. 
Things are looking up now though!  Today we have decent weather and a lacrosse practice on the NEWLY turfed field.  I love lacrosse practices because even though they start at a very difficult (for anyone with a job) time of 5:30, they are over by 7.  That means we can load up little boys and dogs and spend an evening together.  (As opposed to football nights where we have to divide and conquer so the little dudes can get to bed on time.) 
We also have our first regular season football game this weekend.  I'm excited and nervous and very anxious to see how things go.  Spencer has been having a good time with this team - and has already learned a TON.  I think he's going to get to start - or at least get some serious playing time - but they move kids (and especially Spencer) around during practice so much that it's kind of hard to tell.  I think he's starting D line and back-up O line, but who knows... 
Speaking of football...  lots of you probably already saw the picture I took of the boys doing O-H-I-O.  I sense a new football season tradition in the making...  I wanted to share it here for anyone not on Facebook. 
Here's a new picture of Ozzie and Willow too.  Oz has now lost almost all his baby teeth (thank goodness!) and has started to mellow.  We're working on training with him and he's starting to be less of a pain... slowly!


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