Thursday, December 8, 2016

Picture of the Week - 12/8/2016

Here's a fun picture on this COLD December day!  I love our annual Santa Hat pictures.  :)

This has been an odd week.  Not bad, just a bit odd.  

Tonight is another milestone kind of evening.  I'll be taking Spencer to a FRESHMAN football meeting.  As in Freshman in HIGH SCHOOL.  Oy!  I don't know how *that* happened...  And Bob will be taking Quinn to the last evening of evaluations for Select Lacrosse this spring.  Fingers crossed all around!  We will have results by Sunday night.

This weekend the big guys are going to play in a lacrosse tournament on Saturday while I'm hiding at home trying to stay warm with the little guys.  And then on Sunday we have our first wrestling tournament.  Spencer is still sidelined because of his shoulder, but Quinn may get to wrestle.  Should be interesting.  

Send up some special prayers this week for my dad and his family.  His sister Bev passed away yesterday. 

Have a good week everyone.  Only 16 days until Christmas!!  (9 working days for me until a nice long break!)

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