Thursday, October 6, 2016

Picture of the Week - 10/6/2016

Happy Fall Ya'll!

It's finally starting to feel like fall down here with some cooler temperatures and a wee bit of color on some trees.  It was a long, hot summer and the change is welcome!

Last week the boys had Fall Break.  I wasn't a fan of a whole week off in the fall until last year.  In theory, it seemed like a better idea to just wait another week before starting school.  Before we experienced it, the school calendar looked like a week off in the fall would be nothing more than a disruption of our routine.

I totally changed my tune after last year's fall break.  Turns out that having a week free from (most) activities and (most) requirements is a welcome break - not only for parents, but also for kids.  It's a great time to recharge the batteries and rest the mind a bit.

And now - all the boys are back to school and football and lacrosse and all kinds of other things with renewed energy!  It's a beautiful thing.

Unfortunately, I was out of town most of last week.  I had to travel to Arizona for a conference.  It was a great opportunity for me and my career, but a total bummer that I didn't get to hang out with the boys for a little quality family time.

We DID manage to squeeze in our annual trip to Burt's Pumpkin Farm on Friday after I got back home.  Turns out that the timing worked out perfectly because we headed to the mountains at exactly the same time the weather shifted toward cool and crisp.  It was a PERFECT day!

Here are some pictures from the trip, which included Ella and Cooper this year.  It was nice that we were able to get some good pictures of the cousins together.

This weekend is going to be SUPER busy!  We have Zane football, Quinn lacrosse x 2, Beck flag football, plus Spencer is running in a 5k with his football team, we have a wrestling meeting to attend, and of course Bob and Spencer are coaching the little shooters again.  I suppose it's good we got a nice break while we could because I think it's going to be a sprint to Thanksgiving now!

Be on the look out for some Facebook updates about Spencer's playoff game on Tuesday.  If they win, they go to the county championship game.

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