Thursday, October 20, 2016

Picture of the Week - 10/20/2016

I'm pretty much behind on every single thing...  or at least that's how I feel.  

BUT - this has been a really great week for the Bovy boys!

If you aren't already aware, Spencer's team won the middle school county championship football game.  It was SUCH a fun night.  The game was a good one.  Very physical and exhausting.  The score (14-8) was indicative of the fact that either team could have won the game.  It was exactly the kind of game you want for a championship game!

Here are a couple of fun things to share about the game.  The first link is the motivational video that our team photographer made for the pre-game dinner.  As one of my colleagues from the UK said, it's very typically over-the-top American, but it's also super duper awesome.  Spencer is #59 and makes many appearances in this little video.

The other link is from the article that was in the Forsyth County news about the game.  My favorite part of the article is the last quote from the opposing coach.  "We knew we were going to have to play physical to stop the run, and we did,” Pickens said. “But, they wanted it more I guess.”

Our team played as a family - a true TEAM in every sense.  They deserved this win!!  

After the game, we had a huge, loud welcome planned for them back at the school.  There were glow sticks and noise makers and sparklers and signs and SO MANY PEOPLE.  It really was over the top!  It was also awesome - and a night I'm sure the team will never forget.  I know I won't.  

And finally, here's a picture of the team after the game.  The thing that cracks me up most about this is that TINY little trophy in the front.  For as much time and energy (not to mention money) that flows through middle school football, it cracks me up that the championship trophy is so small.  

The other big even this week (and not to be overshadowed by a little football game) was Beckett's 5th birthday.  I don't have his collage done yet, so his birthday tribute will be delayed until next week.  That said, he had SO much fun yesterday being the "special birthday boy".  More about our special little dude next week.  Maybe by then I will have dug out of my mountain of laundry and made a dent in getting our house back to some kind of order.  Wish me luck!  I'm off to Minnesota on Monday for another day trip.  Travel is kicking my butt...


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