Thursday, October 29, 2015

Picture of the Week - 10/29/2015

Short update today as we move through the final week of October.  

It's hard to believe, but our hectic schedule is about to take a breather.  Now that football is over for Spencer, we are a 2 sport family at the moment.  And both Zane's football team and Quinn's lacrosse team are going into tournament play this weekend.  It could be the end of both seasons...  but likely one or both will have a final week to practice/play.  

We will have a short break and then move into wrestling (Spencer) and basketball (Quinn) the second week of November.  The little guys are taking the winter off.  :)  

Here's a fun picture from Zane's practice this week.  It was wet and rainy  - and the boys had a blast!

Have a Happy Halloween everyone!  

PS - Happy Anniversary to my parents today!

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