Thursday, October 22, 2015

Picture of the Week - 10/22/2015

Greetings from Vegas

For anyone who's been reading for a while, you already know this is not my favorite place.  Maybe it's because, like this customer conference trip, the vast majority of trips out here have been for work.  On the bright side, it's always nice when I score a good view from my hotel room.  I much prefer the mountain view over a view of the strip.  This trip we are up at Red Rock Resort - which is a good bit away from the strip - and the views are outstanding.  It's been good to meet customers and I would say it's been a productive trip, but it's been a very hard week to be away from home.

Spencer's football team lost on Tuesday night.  Honestly, no one thought they would lose.  It was a shock.  And I'm sad that I didn't get to see the last game of the year.  He's done with football for 7th grade - and already looking forward to 8th grade.  Still...  it's weird to be done with something that he spent SO many hours on each week.  

And on the same day, Zane lost his first tooth.  My dad took Zane to football practice that night for Bob and the tooth got knocked out when putting on his helmet.  I think it was a relief for Zane because he was scared it would hurt.  I hope we didn't scar my dad too much.

Here's a picture of Zane missing a tooth.  (Selfishly I really can't wait until he looses the top teeth.  Is there anything cuter than a little boy missing his front teeth???)

And also a picture of Zane with our Tooth Fairy pirate/treasure chest.  Funny story about this little guy - who used to belong to the big boys.  We used to put the Tooth Pirate right next to the pillow of the lucky boy who lost a tooth.  This caused much stress to the Tooth Fairy who was always worried about waking up the lucky boy.

After a bit of practice, the Tooth Fairy suggested that maybe it would be better to place the Tooth Pirate on the dresser across the room from the sweet sleeping boys.  This caused a tiny bit less stress for the Tooth Fairy, but it was still VERY stressful.  

So, with the benefit of experience, the Tooth Fairy has now instructed the Little Boys that the appropriate waiting place for a Tooth Pirate with a tooth in his chest was OUTSIDE the bedroom on the table in the hall.  The Tooth Fairy is much less stressed now.  :)

Have a great weekend!  I can't wait to get home tonight.  I need some hugs from all my boys.  We have Zane's last regular season football game on Saturday and then 3 lacrosse games with VERY friendly schedules.  I love love love when the boys play in the same place in back to back games.  Makes for such a fun day.

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