Thursday, January 8, 2015

Picture of the Week - 1/8/2015

Greetings from the frozen tundra version of the Picture of the Week

Yes...  I know it's way worse in many other places than it is here.  But my van hit 9 degrees on the way to work this morning.  My thinned out, wussified blood can't take it!  Bright side (at least down here) is that it will be back to nearly 60 by this time next week...  so I suppose I should look on the bright side and view the cold snap as an excuse to wear my favorite sweaters (which conveniently hide the extra weight I gained eating Christmas cookies) and see my little guys in hat (which is pretty darn adorable!)

I don't know that I've taken a single picture since last week.  I take it back, I have taken some pictures of our animals snuggled up in blankets because they are cute, but I seriously doubt you want to see that. 

We have spent the week trying to get back into the swing of a routine.  I think the week following a long, relaxing, wonderful holiday break has GOT to be the longest week ever.  How is it possible that it's only Thursday morning?  Why oh why did my boss schedule a 2 day roadmap planning meeting for today and tomorrow.  2 days in a room with the same group of people will not make the time go faster...

And then there's the excitement of being a Buckeye fan right now!  Wow!  How much fun was that game last week?!?!?!  It was SO much fun.  It's even more fun to be down here in the middle of SEC country and able to witness the free fall of the "best conference in football" following their rather dismal bowl outcomes.  Pretty funny...  we still occasionally hear casual football fans (like the radio personality on the local country station) lamenting the fact that there's no SEC team in the championship game.  It's pretty funny.

I thought I'd re-share this picture of my boys in support of the Buckeyes.  You all know what we will be doing Monday night!  Go Bucks!  Beat the Ducks!!

Have a great week everyone!  Stay warm and wear cute hats!

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