Thursday, January 15, 2015

Picture of the Week - 1/15/2015

Today I have a bunch of random things...  really random!

First - how 'bout those Buckeyes?!?!?!?!
This has been a really, really great week to be an Ohio State fan/alumni.  It (I think) is somehow even sweeter living in SEC country as a Buckeye fan.  This has been one of the best football stories I can remember.  Even if you aren't a Buckeye fan, you have to respect the way this team worked together to overcome adversity.  And you have to agree that Urban Meyer is a motivational wizard.  Bob and I leave for our 3rd Buckeye Cruise for Cancer in 34 days.  I can't even imagine how crazy fun it is going to be this year.  It's been more fun than I can describe in the past...  throw in a national championship and I expect the very best kind of bedlam!

Second - January is a blessing
Man I like this time of year (aside from the weather...)  It's so nice to have some down time.  We don't have any evening sport practices and very few weeknight obligations.  It's a great time to take a much needed breather.  I'm soaking it in now because in precious few weeks we will be back to the grind.  Right now we are taking advantage of our gym membership and I am starting new quilting projects with a vengeance.  Next weekend is lacrosse evaluations (have I mentioned that we have 3 boys playing lacrosse this spring???) and that will be followed quickly with our first middle school football meeting and then lacrosse practices start the first week of January.  I'll be enjoying my feet-up, under a blanket, in front of a TV time while I have it!

Third - Speaking of the gym
So we joined a gym in October.  It wasn't really the New Year's Resolution crowd, but I'd hardly say we are regulars.  It's been kind of fun to go though.  I think the thing that is making it different for me this time is Spencer.  He's SO committed to getting into great shape that he's motivating ME not to give up.  I meet him there after work/school and we workout and then head home.  There are many days that I know I would have just gone home if I didn't know he was going to be meeting me there.  It's fun to go with him and I really couldn't be more proud of him.  (PS - He can already curl about twice what I can do and seriously puts me to shame on a treadmill...)

Lastly - Mary Engelbreit calendar
Since we are kind of smack dab in the middle of plain old normal life, I really haven't taken many pictures lately.  I even went through my phone pictures to see if there was anything worth sharing.  The only kind of interesting picture I have on there is of Beckett's face after taking a faceplant on the corner of a bookshelf while jumping on the couch in the toyroom.  He may have needed stitches, but I was out on a business dinner and by the time I got home it was late and the bleeding had stopped, so we chalked it up to another "chicks dig scars" event and went to bed.  This one is going to leave the most interesting Y-shaped mark right under his nose.  But I digress... 

I decided to share this picture of my desk at work (the clean parts) because I love love love the Mary Engelbreit day calendar from this past Monday.  If you can't read it, it says "We are a noisy and blessed little family" by Mary E Turner.  I feel this way often.  My house is very loud and pretty messy.  My boys are kind of crazy and our kitchen frequently resembles a zoo.  But I couldn't feel more blessed to be living this life Bob and I have built.  It's exactly the way it should be and I am thankful for that every single day.  Aside from the saying, the picture is almost a drawing of our family.  If you replace the little flute-playing girl with a large tooting dog, it IS our house!!! 

PS - In the background you can see another Mary Engelbreit picture that I have taped to my monitor so I see it ALL the time.  It's a Winston Churchill quote that says "Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference."  So very true...

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