Thursday, August 7, 2014

Picture of the Week - 8/7/2014

Happy back to school day everyone!
The boys went back today - 5th and 6th grade.  I think there was an appropriate mixture of apprehension and excitement. 
Quinn is "King of the Hill" this year as a 5th grader and a member of the Safety Patrol.  I really think he'll blossom this year now that he's out from under his brother's wing.  We liked his teacher and all seems like it's going to be a great year for him. 
Spencer was super calm and collected at Middle School open house.  He went from room to room and chatted with the folks he knew.  He ran into some guys that are in some of his classes and generally seemed fine.  (NOTE - there are only 31 kids moving to this middle school from his elementary because of the way the school districts work, so it's really good we've been in sports!  He knew a ton of kids from playing football and lacrosse.)  This morning was a bit of a different story as he seemed nervous and unsure.  I'm confident that once he gets a few days behind him he will relax and enjoy the year.  I am so pleased with his schedule.  Almost all of his classes are grouped in close proximity to his locker.  Really couldn't get much more convenient.  He's taking all advanced placement classes - 5 of them.  That's a little intimidating!  So I was pleased that his "specials" included "Study Skills" in the first 9 weeks.  I think he may need to learn some study skills this year!  He's also taking band, which should be interesting. 
Obligatory back to school picture attached. 
The little boys are still at Goddard.  Beckett got moved to a new room this week, called "Young Preschool".  Just having the name preschool in the title of his new room made me a little sad, but ultimately his days are pretty much the same as last week. 
I'm not really sure how to classify Zane.  He won't be 5 until next month, so he misses the cutoff age for Kindergarten this year.  Goddard has a Kindergarten class and they felt like he was ready for it, so he'll be learning Kindergarten stuff with them this year.  So is THIS his first year of Kindergarten or is next year?  I have chosen not to make a big deal about this year's Kindergarten, but I hope I haven't down-played it too much because Zane is super excited about it!  He is very aware that he's a Kindergartener now and that he's got to learn stuff and do homework, etc.  If you have any advice about how to get him to understand that he'll still be a Kindergartener next year without crushing his confidence, please share!
Have a great week everyone!  I'll be fixing up a whole mess of crock pot meals to throw in my freezer on Sunday to try to avoid eating crap for the next 4 months.  What will you be up to?
PS - For anyone who missed my update email a few days ago, I'm back to sending emails for the weekly updates.  I'm also going to be posting these to the blog (link in my signature below) in case you ever want to go there and read through the archives.  I've got about a year's worth of emails posted...  just around 10 more years to go.

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