Thursday, August 21, 2014

Picture of the Week - 8/21/2014

Chaos is the score upon which reality is written.  Henry Miller
Based on the plethora of "back to school" pictures I've seen on social media lately, it seems like just about everyone is back to the fall grind.  We are for sure!  Gone are the slow, leisurely summer evenings and weekends.  They have been replaced with jam-packed, not enough room on the calendar schedules.  
We have been dealing with football for weeks now, but it seems more crazy when layered with school and homework and lacrosse practices too.  Throw in some evening school activities - meeting about band instruments, curriculum nights, team pictures, work and business travel, weigh ins and certifications - and it's a little crazy!
You know what I've decided?  I LOVE the CRAZY!  I love the chaos*.  I love the need to sit down on a Sunday night and work out a plan.  I love it all.  Tiring, yes...  for sure...  but I wouldn't change one single thing.  Bring on the chaos.  Bring on the fun!
PS - If anyone is interested in a really cool ebook to help fill your freezer, check out this site Bob and I followed this plan a couple weekends ago and I can't tell you how much peace of mind a fully stocked freezer gives me!  It's way better for us than ordering pizza every other day and will make it possible to actually sit down to a home cooked dinner most evenings. 
I thought I'd share some pictures we had made of the boys last month.  I love candid photos (a lot) and use my camera and phone all the time, but there's just something about good professional pictures.  :)
Have a great week everyone!  Go make some chaos!!
 *Now do you understand why I named my blog (link below) Houz of Chaoz? 


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