Thursday, June 12, 2014

Picture of the Week - 6/12/2014

Well, reintroduction to reality this week has been painful.  Really painful.
I blame many things:
  • Work is crazy busy.  Like so busy I can't really think, let alone work through the extension to do list.  (Yes, I know that's why they call it work...)  ((Also, and I know this is 100% petty, we have a construction project going on in the office and I have been moved out of my office to share with another PM for the duration of the project.  I will get an office back when it's done...  in the meantime, I am REALLY missing my space!  I am spoiled...))
  • Beckett has had a fever of unknown origin all week.  Got sent home from school on Monday.  No idea...  but no school.  Bob is a saint for keeping him home and trying to work at the same time.  Finally took him to the doctor yesterday to learn that he has "a virus".  Good times.
  • Playing as hard as we did last week left me feeling exhausted!  It took DAYS to recover from all that fun!
  • Fixing the food/drink intake to something a little more sustainable than pringles and pina coladas is not fun at all.  Pass the celery and water...
  • No more planned trips for me.  Until ???  Bob has a couple of things planned with the big boys, but I will be here indefinitely.  I like being home and I enjoy the routine, but it sure is nice to have something to look forward to!  Our next big trip isn't scheduled until next February - anyone want to join us on the Buckeye cruise to Cozemel?  It's not too early to start thinking about a trip in February is it???
I have lots of beach pictures to go through and I know there are some really good ones, but I haven't had time to do them justice.  So I'm not going to share any more beach stuff with you this week.  For anyone on Facebook, you got a good glimpse of our week through the pictures I shared there.  I promise I'll put together a fun little collage or something as time allows.
For today, I will share this picture of my little guys playing on the back porch during one of the daily afternoon rain showers we've had this week.  I think this is a funny picture because Beck emulates everything he sees ALL his brothers doing.  Also the fact that he shirt says "Looking for trouble" could not be more accurate!  And finally, there's nothing I would like to do more than stick my tongue out at reality this week! 

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