Thursday, December 5, 2013

Picture of the Week - 12/5/2013

Happy Birthday Berber!!
Goodness!  There are SO many things I love about this time of year!  We put up all our Christmas decorations last weekend after spending a lovely, quiet, restful Thanksgiving.  It was super-de-duper awesome to get to spend some extra time with my crazy kids and with Bob too.  Downtime with the whole family has been sparse over the last few months!
I loved Beckett's reaction to the tree this year.  He loves that tree!  He literally just sat and stared at it for a LONG time after it went up.  Then he decided to get into investigating.  He now finds it entertaining to take off all the bulbs (non-breakable ones that we put at toddler level) and throw them around.  (less than awesome).  He's also very very interested in pulling the strands of lights until he has enough cord to be able to grab a lightbulb and shine it around.  Pretty funny to watch, but the poor tree is suffering.  If he gets any more aggressive in this game it's not going to matter that we kept the breakables up high!
The big boys are counting down the days before their winter break.  They are down to 10 after today.  I love the fact that Spencer still wears a Santa hat around the house regularly.  I keep our Santa hats in an easy to reach basket right on the fireplace hearth.  They get a TON of use this time of year!  I think it's awesome that they remember and are anxious for some of our traditions.  I think it's even more awesome that they are so excited to watch the little guys enjoy the season.  Even things that they normally wouldn't be so interested in (like watching Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer on TV) they energetically participate in because they know that their little brothers are watching their every move.  And it's a RACE every morning to see who can find our Elf.  Pretty sure Spencer is winning even though he's keeping things pretty close to the vest and letting the other boys point him out.  He wanders around the house with his eyes darting around until he spots that crazy elf, but very rarely mentions that he's been spotted. 
And Zane is just plain magical about all of this.  He's helped decorate the tree.  He points out Christmas lights.  He select holiday books to read at night.  He patiently poses for pictures.  He carefully chose his wish list item for Santa's lap.  He's asked questions about how reindeer fly and how Santa gets down the chimney.  He gets the wonder of the season in every possibly way.  And I am once again reminded of how lucky I am to have little boys around so I can really experience the magic of this season again. 
The holidays are so much fun - and this year is going to be the best yet!
Here's a picture of Beckett being ornery.  I love the picture, but it's from Bob's phone (of course) and the quality was pretty bad.  So...  I tried to "save" it by making it look old.  He still looks ornery.  :)
Also sharing a picture of Spencer with the trophy that his football team received when they won the Georgia D1 championship.  Tonight they are off to play the first game of the Born to Compete tournament, which pulls together the winners of all the travel leagues in the area.  We are going into the tournament as the #3 seed and playing the Georgia Thoroughbreds tonight.  If we win we play again on Saturday and the championship game is on Sunday.  Could be a pretty crazy football weekend!

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