Thursday, June 27, 2013

Picture of the Week - 6/27/2013

I nearly forgot about the POTW this week!  Yikes!!!
I had one of those super busy, but in a good, productive way kind of days today.  Normally I have a fair amount of downtime at work, but today was a busy one.  Lots of meetings and research and writing emails and organizing people and - yeah...  that's really boring for all of you isn't it...
Life here this week was pretty normal.  (I won't say boring, cause things around here are NEVER boring...)  But it was the normal stuff.  Work.  School.  Hanging out with the boys.  Baths.  Books.  Bedtime.  Exhale.  Then rinse and repeat.
There were 2 things out of the usual this week.  One was the fact that Spencer was gone all week.  He's on his way home now.  I seriously can't wait to give him a big hug!  We all missed Spence, but Quinn missed him the most.  For the first 2 days we never saw Q.  He was in his glory in the basement in full control of both the Xbox and the TV remote.  After a few days, however, I think he got lonely and bored and started spending more time with us.  It was kind of nice for me to have Q around to cuddle with, but I know he would have preferred to be hanging with his "bro".
The other thing is the crazy puppy.  Man...  I sure did forget how crazy puppies are!  I guess it didn't help that the last puppy we had was Willow.  And that whole process was made easier by 2 things.  1. She was 14 weeks old when we got her.  Which meant she had already gotten through MUCH of the chewing/biting phase.  And 2. Willow is lazy.
Ozzie, on the other hand, is NOT lazy.  He's crazy.  My oh my what a difference changing that L for a CR makes!  He's full of energy and he's super fast.  He's recently realized that he can jump onto the couches.  He is no longer contained in the gated areas we were using as "puppy play pens".  He likes to steal shoes and pacis and toys and socks and books and food.  He likes to bite EVERYTHING.  He especially likes to bite Beckett on the butt.  (thank goodness for Huggies!)  I know it's a phase and he'll calm down.  And he's SUPER cute.  And he's pretty funny too.  But, wow...  he easily takes the high maintenance award around here lately.  And that's really a feat with Zane around!
Oh - I almost forgot...  we also broke Beckett of his obsession with bottles this weekend.  Win!!!  He was pretty sad for a few days, but we stuck with it and today he never even asked for a "bobbledy".  I admit I will kind of miss him saying "bobbledy", but I am not sad to see the end of the bottle-days around here!!  (We got those bottles used 11 years or so ago and they made it through 4 kids.  Pretty good investment!)
Here's a kinda crappy quality picture (Bob really needs a new phone with a better camera...) of Ozzie and Willow playing in the backyard.  Ozzie is the only one who has ever been able to get Willow to play.  Does that give you an idea of the level of energy he emits???
Have a great week! 

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