Thursday, June 20, 2013

Picture of the Week - 6/20/2013

If I were ranking days on some kind of "weirdness" scale, this one would definitely rank toward the top.  Days like this kind of make me miss the normal routine of school.  And it's only the middle of June and only 9:45 in the morning! 
Let's see... 
1. Spencer is gone.  Boo!  He is currently (as of this very moment) in an airplane over Oklahoma somewhere.  He left with my parents for his "10 year old" trip.  My parents, because they are kind of awesome, have decided to take each of their grandkids on a trip when they turn 10.  (Yes, Spence turned 10 last Sept, but this is a summer-only kinda trip!)  They took him on a tour which goes through Jackson Hole, the Grand Tetons, Yellowstone, Cody WY ranch, Mt. Rushmore, etc.  He will get to raft and horseback ride and see a bunch of cool stuff that I'm not sure he'd get to experience without this awesome trip.  He was ridiculously excited - as he should be!  I will miss him a bunch - the house just doesn't feel right without all of my chickadees, but I can't wait to hear all about the trip!  He won't get back until next Thursday.  (Quinn may DIE of boredom without his favorite partner in crime!)
2. Speaking of Quinn...  he's at a lacrosse camp this week.  While an AWESOME camp and worth the hassle, it IS a hassle.  Drop off is at 9:30 and pick up is at 2:30.  This schedule is not AT ALL conducive to full time employment.  Bob has been handling the bulk of the off-schedule child-carting around town, which I'm forever thankful for, but all the extra trips and time away from work is causing some additional stress and work-related BLAHS!  No one wants to hear about work during the summer...  but since we didn't win the last big lotto (for lack of buying a ticket...) work is still important.  Dumb jobs... 
BTW - This particular week at camp they have counselors from Syracuse University's lacrosse team.  They have the leading Syracuse scorer AND their starting goalie.  The coolness factor of this is utterly lost on a 9 year old, but these guys are GOOD.  Syracuse made it to the lacrosse championship game this year.  The fact that we have access to camps of this quality makes the hassle a bit easier to deal with.
3. Moving down the line of kiddos... Zane is sick.  He got sent home yesterday (always a fun call to take from daycare) with a high temperature and a headache.  He was pretty pathetic yesterday afternoon/evening.  He threw up, moped around, was BURNING up, etc.  Good times...  This morning he seems fine.  So thankfully, this seems like it was a very short-lived virus-type thing.  Unfortunately, he had to stay home today because of the fever.  So I decided to stay home and "work from home" today too so I could give Bob a hand in managing all the stuff going on around the house in an attempt to allow him to get some work done.  (See #2)  I have a 7 meetings on my calendar today - not a good day to not be in the office.  But we do what we have to do - right?  Here's hoping Z will take a 3 hour nap this afternoon!
4.  And Beckett?  Well he's mostly fine.  Actually he's pretty darn awesome!  His vocabulary has literally exploded in the last couple of weeks - as have his canine teeth, which just reminded me how glad I am that teething is almost entirely behind us now!  Beckett is a riot and also VERY VERY challenging because he's into EVERYTHING.  That child is non-stop!  He walks around looking for stuff to get into.  To illustrate, when we drop him off at school every morning, he runs into his room and begins the "Wreck-it Beckett" routine.  He pulls a toy off the shelf and gets to work.  He never looks back.  He doesn't give hugs and kisses.  He transitions from youngest son to leader-of-the-pack in 2 seconds flat.  He never EVER gets sad during drop off. 
Except for today, of course, because of the weirdness of 6/20/13.  He lost his mind when I dropped him off this morning.  Didn't want me to leave.  Didn't want to do anything.  It's been a VERY long time since I've had to leave him crying.  And man-o-man, if that isn't just about the crappiest way to start a morning...
5. Finally an update on the dogs.  For the most part the dogs are fine.  Ozzie has continue to remind us that (similar to how you block out the pain of childbirth) we had forgotten how much work having a puppy in the house really is.  He's a nutball.  We started training with him and I really think he's going to be an excellent dog some day if we can just get through the puppy phase!  Willow is like a new dog.  It's very weird!  She seems to have more energy.  She wants to go outside on walks!  She plays with Ozzie!  She played with QUINN the other day!!  Very weird indeed!
I guess that's about it.  Things are definitely not "normal" around here this week, but (with the exception of poor Zane's cold) they aren't really bad.  Just a bit weird.  I guess it's a good time to sit back and just go with the flow.
Have a fantastically WEIRD week everyone!  (PS - catch a look at the full moon this weekend.  It's the closest the moon will get to the earth all year!  Maybe that's what's causing all the weird...)

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