Thursday, June 13, 2013

Picture of the Week - 6/13/2013

Gosh - seems like vacation was a million years ago.  I guess that's the downside of taking 6 days off in a row...  you come back to 6 days worth of work to do! 
We really did have a great trip though!  The house we stayed in was awesome.  The beach/island was a new place to explore and we loved it.  There was NONE of the traffic and hoopla that we are used to on beach trips.  There was the beach, the pool, and the family.  And that's it!  How much more perfect can you get?  Oh yeah - and some of the best oysters we've had.  Yum!
I had a tough time deciding which picture to send along this week, so I took the easy route and made a collage.  Looking through all the pictures made me realize all over again what a great trip it was.  Only 51 more weeks until we get to go back!  I can make it!!!
So now that Quinn's camp (which he LOVED, btw) and vacation are over, it feels like we're really getting into the summer groove.  Spencer had a lacrosse goalie camp this week and Quinn went to Goddard.  They both actually really enjoyed their weeks!  Normally Spencer down-plays all of those sports camps, but this one he seemed to really love.  Which makes me smile!
We are also taking advantage of the warm (HOT) weather and spending our evenings taking walks and hanging around outside.  If Ozzie has done nothing else, he's increased the activity level of everyone in the house!  And that's a pretty big accomplishment at our place!!  Last night we walked up to the playground and were BLOWN AWAY when the puppy hopped up the steps and went down the slide.  He did it about 7 or 8 times.  Too funny!  I guess he figured that if the boys could do it, then so could he!
This weekend we are planning to blow up the giant water slide again in another attempt to kill the grass in our backyard while wearing out the boys.  I'm pretty sure my niece and nephew will be there too.  The more the merrier!  And while the kids are all busy with summer backyard fun, Berber and I are heading to a quilt show.  I love summer!
I hope you are all taking advantage of the summer too!  I can't believe it's already mid-June.  It's going to be back-to-school time before we know it!  So here's to oranges in beers and fireflies and bare feet in the grass and sunshine at 9PM and summer camp fun and PUPPY BREATHE!

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