Thursday, February 23, 2017

Picture of the Week - 2/23/2017

Two unrelated, but cool pictures today.

The first is actually from last week.  Spencer got the "honey badger" award one night at lacrosse practice.  He's been good about going to practices and helping where he can - left-handed.  I'm sure his teammates appreciate him being there with them.  I know it's been frustrating for him to not be able to participate.  I think he misses it more than he's let on.  He's doing great though - and progressing through recovery like a champ.  He's started to wean off the brace and they are beginning to incorporate more strength training exercises at physical therapy.  I think he'll be able to participate in most of the summer football conditioning stuff, which is a great reward for the work he's putting in now.

The second picture is one my mom sent me from her day at the Elementary school.  She's been working with Zane's class on making a class quilt!  I hope those kids realize how lucky they are!!  Today she stayed and had lunch with Zane, which I'm positive he loved.  I'm so thankful that she gets to do stuff like that with the kids.  So fun!

Tomorrow Bob and I take off for our Buckeye Cruise for Cancer.  I'm working my way through "to do" lists and preparations to try to make things a bit easier for my parents.  This weekend the big boys are off for a church retreat and then Spencer leaves on Wednesday morning for his 8th grade field trip to Savannah.  It's a bit of a crazy week!  A crazy FUN week!


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