Thursday, January 12, 2017

Picture of the Week - 1/12/2017

It's nice to get reminded, in a very tangible way, how blessed you are every now and then.  Don't you agree?

Yesterday, my group at work took our VTO (Volunteer Time Off) day together as a joint community service and team building day.  We volunteered at a local Atlanta non-profit organization called Open Hand Atlanta.  You can read more about them below.  

I spent 3 hours scooping Chicken sausage Ragu.  We packed almost 3000 meals.  There was another group working alongside us.  They were college kids from Roanoke College who were on an "alternative" break.  They were spending the week together, staying at a local church, and participating in charity work every day.  Scooping ragu for 3 straight hours is harder than it sounds, but it was SO worth it.  It was so nice to interact with my teammates outside of our normal work environment.  And spending time with those kids, who are really not much older than my own boys, was a great reminder that despite all the bad stuff that makes the news every day, there are really good people in this world doing really good things.  

Take a minute - or a day - and seek out an opportunity to surround yourself with good people.  It'll make you look at many things differently.  

Open Hand Atlanta - They provide, pack and deliver nutritious meals (with a premium on nutrition) to individuals with chronic conditions. The originally started almost 30 years ago and were focused on providing meals to the HIV/AIDS community. They have since expanded to help people with other chronic conditions like diabetes. Open Hand

Here's a funny picture of me with my team of meal packers.  It was a good day!

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