Thursday, April 21, 2016

Picture of the Week - 4/21/2016

Tired this week!  Can't seem to catch up from an exhausting weekend.  Living on caffeine and sugar.  That'll probably be a long-term mistake as we near bathing suit season...

Anyhoo...  I'm tired because last weekend was the Dan Anderson Classic Lacrosse tournament in Birmingham, AL.  I got to take Spence since Bob was home coaching Quinn's team.  It was a very long weekend!  Very fun, but exhausting.  I worried the whole time about logistics and making sure Spencer had what he needed.  Between sharing a too soft bed with my very floppy 13 year old and the time change and the stress of being there solo (that's a personal/personality issue on me...) I slept very little.  And we were outside, which was mostly very beautiful although windy, for 2 straight days.  The boys played 9 games and two Bravehearts.  We went 7-2 and 1-1 and made it to the semi-finals.  We were beaten, by one goal, by a team about 5 miles from our house.  Interestingly, there were 16 teams in our division and all 4 of the semi-finalists were from the Atlanta area.  

Since we are knee deep (maybe even neck deep...) in lacrosse stuff for the next 3 weekends, it seems appropriate that this week I share all of our spring lacrosse pictures.  I love them.

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