Thursday, February 11, 2016

Picture of the Week - 2/11/2016

I'm in Scotland this week.  I left on Saturday and head back home tomorrow.  I'm not sure I will ever view business travel in a favorable light.  It just doesn't fit well with my personality and with the commitments I have at home.  Occasionally there are some nice bits.  I've had some excellent meals while traveling.  And earning frequent flyer miles and hotel points is nice.  But overall it's still a drag.

I was chatting with one of the guys on my team the other day and he asked me if I enjoyed making the trip.  I told him the truth.  From a professional perspective, I enjoy getting to meet with them face to face.  We accomplish more in a week than we do in a month working through conference calls and web meetings.  But from a personal perspective, I hate it.  I have guilt about leaving.  I am sad about missing events.  And I miss my family, my house, my pets, my routine.  So I told him the truth.

And this particular trip - the SH*T literally hit the fan at home since I left.  You should all send Bob some good vibes.  He's earned them this week.

We had a plumbing issue which caused a sewage back-up on our main floor.  It was significant.  A plumber was called in.  He recommended that we bring in a restoration specialist.  That restoration specialist used some kind of fancy tools to determine that nasty water had seeped under our hardwoods and ran in a fairly large area around the first floor.  They started tearing out flooring, baseboards, took doors off hinges.  They have determined that the entire area (bathroom, toy room, kitchen) is unusable.  They told us to throw away anything that was used for clean up, both rugs involved (one of which I really liked) and a bunch of toys that were on the floor in the toy room.  They brought in some heavy duty fans and de-humidifiers.  It's pretty much a mess.  

During all of this, Bob has also been dealing with the boys (one of which is sick) and the dogs.  He's pulled in reinforcements (thanks Berber and Pappy) to keep things moving forward.  There's an insurance adjuster coming to the house today.  We may have a bit of a plan on what's going to happen. 

Bob has sent me pictures.  I want to weep a bit...  but there's very little I can do from 4000 miles away.  So I'll pull up my big girl pants and dive into whatever we need to do once I get home.  In the meantime, I hope my dear husband knows how much I appreciate him.  It's a good thing he's sooo skilled in dealing with sh*t!

Have a Happy Valentine's everyone!  And if anyone knows of a good flooring option for a household full of busy boys and dog feet, let me know.  Seems we are in the market for some new flooring.  

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