Thursday, June 25, 2015

Picture of the Week - 6/25/2015

Did you hear that shwooshing sound?  That was another week flying by.

Let's see...  not a whole lot of stuff to share this week.

Quinn is doing much better.  He got his stitches out and his jaw doesn't seem to be causing him much grief.  Phew!

Bob and I decided that we should do something productive with our downtime this summer.  (OK, it may not have exactly been Bob's idea, but he's being a good sport!)  We've cleaned out the garage (so my new, to me, car will fit in it) and started tackling the basement.  The basement...  oy vey!  There were boxes down there that hadn't been opened since we moved - 8 years ago.  And the back room has been waiting for a coat of paint for 5 years.  How embarrassing!  We still have lots of work to do, but the storage area is looking great and we have a giant pile of stuff for the charity van pick up on Tuesday.

Speaking of Tuesday, that's my last day of work at this job.  I start the new one on July 6th - which gives me 5 whole days next week for painting and cleaning.  Woo Hoo!

The last little update is that Zane got to pick up his football equipment last weekend.  He's so excited!  He has the cutest little helmet and the nicest pair of shoulder pads we've ever gotten from a football program!  Here's a picture of him playing with our Football Guys the day he got his stuff.  We can't wait to see him all suited up.  I think they are doing evaluations the second week of July.  So it won't be long now!  (The hardest part of this fall is going to be trying to get Beck to understand why he's not allowed to be out on the field hitting kids too!)

This weekend I will be packing the big boys for their week at camp.  They leave Monday.  And if we have time, there will be painting or cleaning or organizing too.  If you're bored, come on over!

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