Thursday, May 21, 2015

Picture of the Week - 5/21/2015

It's almost time!  Hip hip hooray!  It's almost time!

We've made it through the band concert.

We've survived kindergarten orientation.

We've prepared and paid for the field trips.

We've attended 3 end of lacrosse season parties and appropriated gushed over a certain 5 year old's trophy.

We've studied for some finals and looked the other way from some assignments that were "forgotten".

We've celebrated some good year end report cards.

We've cleaned and shopped.

We've packed - and packed and packed.

We've written notes and crossed out to-dos.

We've cut the grass and plugged in the timers.

We've met with the house sitters and booked the doggie vacation stays.

We've made reservations for pre-cruise hotels and prepaid cruise parking.

We've gotten through mandatory football meetings and celebratory Goddard graduations.

We've finally gotten to the "1" on our homemade post-it note vacation countdown!

We are almost there!!!

Tonight we are going out to dinner to celebrate Quinn's completion of elementary school.  Wow!  2 middle school kids live in my house.

Tomorrow morning we will drop off the dogs, attend the 5th grade graduation ceremony, meet up with Berber and Pappy and head south.  I am ridiculously excited.

Don't look for a POTW next week.  We will be unplugged and unwound.

Happy early Anniversary to Bob.  (18 years on Sunday - but that must be a typo since we are way too young to be celebrating 18 years of marriage!)

Have a very safe and happy Memorial Day Weekend!!!  And look for some fun Disney cruise recap pictures and stories when we get back!

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