Thursday, February 5, 2015

Picture of the Week - 2/5/2015

This time of year is prime cuddling time.  Am I right?

It's cold outside and still getting dark earlier than I like.  Perfect for snuggling under a blanket.

As Valentine's Day approaches there are message of love and romance all over the place.  Even the color pink seems to scream "give someone a hug and kiss!"

Little boys watching TV and getting their cuddle on!

I like the snuggle season.  Who doesn't feel better after a good hug???

Unfortunately, it seems like we are getting busier by the day.  We are up to 6 lacrosse practices a week (and Zane hasn't started yet) and 2 weight training sessions with the middle school football team.  Bright side - the only overlap we have is on Saturdays.  Woot!  By the way, ask Bob how he managed to earn the Assistant Coach Hat Trick.  He's signed up as assistant coach on all 3 boys' lacrosse teams.  It's pretty funny really...  also it might be worth pitching a tent or renting an RV to keep up at Sawnee Mt Park.

We are also trying to get ready for our Buckeye Cruise trip.  Only 13 days to go!!  I can not even begin to imagine how crazy that ship is going to be this year with a National Championship to celebrate.  I'm having fun just thinking about it!

I decided to try a quilting retreat this year.  Bob agreed to handle kid duties so I can go sew for 2 and a half days straight.  I'm pretty excited about that!  Stalk my Instagram page for quilty updates!

And in the middle of all of this, I am transitioning out of my current job.  I took a new position that I get to start at the beginning of March.  I'm pretty excited!  More on that later...  for now I will just say that while this was absolutely the right decision, it does not mean that a job change is without some extra stress and strain from the change in routine.

This is just the beginning of the crazy spring season.  We will stop and take a breathe again in late May when lacrosse wraps up alongside the end of another school year.  Crazy to think about that... (Also exciting because it marks the end of another daycare "career" for which my bank account will be most appreciative!)

For now, I will hug and snuggle and cuddle every chance I get!  You should too!

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