Thursday, August 3, 2017

Picture of the Week - 8/3/2017

It's back to school day!

Now that we've loaded 3 of the 4 up onto big yellow buses (Quinn doesn't leave until 8:20), I'm actually really excited for this year.  SO MUCH CHANGE all at once is a little intimidating, but after today (or maybe it'll take a few days...) it won't be change any more.  This is our new normal!  

I can't wait to see how all these boys grow this year.  It's going to be a fun, wild ride!  Thanks for taking it with us!!!

Here's our obligatory Back to School picture.  I thought I'd get fancy and take it with an actual camera - which clearly has something wrong with it as the pictures were all blurry and very disappointing.  Ah well...  that's real life for you.  Next time I'll just take the easy route and use my phone!

Spencer is a Freshman, Quinn is 8th grade, Zane is 2nd grade, and Beckett is in Kindergarten.  Wow!  

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