Friday, November 11, 2016

Picture of the Week - 11/11/2016

Happy Veteran's Day!

I'm late on this week's POTW.  This happens so rarely...  I blame the fact that yesterday started early (6am UK time) after a late night of pub crawling with my boss's boss and the CIO of my company and some other colleagues.  I wasn't good at bouncing back from nights like that 20 years ago.  I'm really not good now...

So after dragging myself out of bed, we went to the office for a morning full of meetings and left there to commence our trip home.  Keep in mind that 6am UK time is 1am east coast time.  I got home last night just before 10pm.  Long day...  I think I had one decent meal all day.  Yes, I'm whining...  traveling is hard.

I got unpleasantly surprised by the fact that the plane on the big flight (something like 9 hours 15 minutes) didn't have wifi.  Clearly a first world problem...  but it did impact my plans to get some stuff done and keep up with email traffic.  It's amazing how many work/personal emails I get in a 9 hour period.  Amazing and kind of depressing...  Also, 9 hours 15 minutes is longer than I nearly EVER go without being reachable.  Think about that for a minute...

So the POTW didn't make it yesterday.  I'm in catch up mode today and thought I'd share a picture from Beckett's last day of flag football - which I missed - last weekend.  Look how happy he is.  

I love getting home after being away.  I love that my boys, each in their own way, stop what they are doing to greet me.  The hugs are epic.  I love that Ozzie gets so excited that his whole back end wags.  I love the feeling of peace and love and acceptance that I get the moment I walk through that front door.

It's been a pretty weird week.  The election has thrown everyone into a bit of a frenzy - some good/some bad.  It was very interesting to be overseas during that event.  I am looking forward to everyone settling down and accepting the path forward.  I know there are people upset (some very much so) and people happy (some very much so).  I am content.  I think some stuff will be good (I believe better) in the next 4 years than the last.  I am also cautious.  I think there will be some stuff that could be worse if people allow themselves to get swept up in the hate talk and fear inducing rhetoric.  

It's an interesting time to be an American.  And I hope we all take the current events happening as a way to start conversations with our kids about life lessons.  There are some really good and healthy talking points out there to help us teach our boys how to be good people.  Some of them are as simple as pointing out the bad stuff and saying "see that?  Don't be like that."  Some of the issues are deeper and require some good conversations.  We're having them with our boys.  Go have discussions with people you love.  Don't assume they know what you think.  Don't miss this opportunity to grow.  

And if you get too frustrated with the world outside the front door, then stay in.  Have a beer.  Make a pizza.  Turn off the TV, get away from social media and read a book.  Or just look at cute pictures of little kids with trophies.  :)

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