Thursday, October 24, 2013

Picture of the Week - 10/24/2013

Wow!  The weather really took a turn toward colder temperatures this week!  We've been busy pulling out long pants and jackets and hoodies like crazy!  I'm not complaining though (even though I really hate being cold) because I love fall!  Our leaves are starting to change colors, the boys like to cuddle up under a blanket with me and dunkin donuts has pumpkin donuts!  Perfect!
There are definitely things I will miss about this summer.  I fear I will never again get to experience (at least daily) chubby legs sticking out of toddler-sized shorts.  BOO!  I will miss those dimply little knees!  To make up for it, I'm going to make Beckett wear footie pajamas every day!  :)
I'll also miss the ease of running outside without shoes and coats.  We are in and out a MILLION times a day, so this extra 3 minutes worth of prep adds up quickly.  To make up for it, I bought the little boys new mittens.  And Beck's have tigers on them.  And he's so so so excited to wear his tiger mittens.  (PS - My kids STILL can't put on gloves to save their lives...  I think being born in the south has made them incapable of understanding that it's ONE FINGER PER HOLE!)
I will most certainly miss the longer days.  It's a drag to drive to work in the dark and return home in the dark.  Upside...  the boys have actually slept past 6am a couple of times now that the sun isn't waking them up.  That's a win!  (Don't even talk to me about the looming time change.  I hate time change with a burning passion!  Yes, even the "good" one in the fall...)
One thing that I won't miss as the weather turns to winter is our fall schedule.  I am looking forward to the end of lacrosse season just so we can have an occasional weeknight meal together without having to rush right back out the door.  We have one more weekend of lacrosse unless the team decides to participate in a post-season tournament.  Given the facts that 1) it's cold, 2) I'm tired, and 3) the team is 1 and ... a bunch, I'm hoping we can call it quits after this weekend.  Football on the other hand...  yeah...  we're still going and likely to play through the first weekend in December if the team plays up to their potential and wins the league playoffs.  For anyone who has forgotten, we started practice in July.  That's a long season...
So here's to caramel apples and pumpkin lattes and orange leaves.  Here's to a warm sweater and heated seats in the car.  Here's to hot chocolate after practice and, yes even, football playoffs.  And especially, here's to footie jammies!  If only we all looked so cute in footie jammies...
Next week I'll share our Halloween costumes for the year.  I'm super excited about them.  The cuteness nearly killed me during our trial run/fitting session!

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