Thursday, July 11, 2013

Picture of the Week - 7/11/2013

I've officially reached my tipping point. 
Yep.  I've gone over the edge.  It's true that I've slipped off this little edge plenty of times in the past, but this time, I'm pretty sure there's no recovery. 
I have reached the point of mental chaos where I am no longer able to call any of the living things in my house by their correct name without first going through a list of 3-4 wrong names. 
I blame Ozzie.  Or Beckett.  Or the awesomely crazy combination of moving limbs and paws and voices that I affectionately refer to as my family.  It's their fault.
What used to be a rare slip up of calling for Zane when I really meant Quinn,
or maybe, gasp, mixing up a boy name with a *dog* name, 
or going so brain dead that I was unable to form any coherent words out of my mouth - usually while trying to spit out something important, like, say, car coming "get outta the street!"
has now turned into such a common occurrence that I may just give up and choose some nickname that would work across the board. 
Think the boys would have a problem with me calling them all "dude" for the rest of their lives?  Would that confuse the puppy?
Here's a cute picture I made them all pose for on the 4th of July.  It's kind of rare to have a moment of stillness.  Not often that there's not someone pushing another or biting (both kids and dogs) or pouting or hiding out in the basement or making funny faces or laughing hysterically.  It's these kind of rare moments captured with LUCK (and a quick trigger finger) that make me feel like it's OK to have slipped into the world of "hey you".  It's OK to have blown past my tipping point.  I welcome the fullness that this crazy crew jams into my brain that causes silly little things like names to get pushed to the side.  I'll take the fun and the loud and the crazy over correct (and consistent) ((and timely)) proper names any day.
How 'bout you, Dude???
PS - Speaking of names...  Beckett has started talking up a storm lately.  One of the best words he has right now is his very own name.  He often refers to himself as "Bucky", especially when he's in a hurry and can't be bothered with that pesky ending-T sound.  And you know what, we ADORE the fact that he's calling himself Bucky so much that the whole family is now calling him Bucky.  Not sure if this one will stick, but for now we are having lots of fun with it! 

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